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Isatis Sponge Iron Company, located 40 kilometers south of Yazd, is under construction on a 60 hectare plot of land in the Mehriz Tejarat Cement Company road. The forecast of the production capacity of this complex is 450000 tons of various types of light and non-alloy steel (billet), iron ingots and all types of bars of iron and steel.

The project will start in the first phase with direct employment of 850 people, and it is hoped that by the launch of phase 2 will reach 1,750.

The construction of production halls is underway now, and the supply of gas from the production period, as well as the supply of water and electricity required during the construction phase, has been fully implemented. In order to supply the required amount of water needed for the construction of the project, in the year 91, the Isatis Sponge Iron Company, as the first privately owned waste water treatment company, started the implementation of waste water treatment facility in Mehriz, including the collection, treatment and transmission lines, which has progressed more than 85 percent and after the operation the water will be provided for the project with a discharge of 75 liters per second. It should be noted that the implementation of this scheme was also to prevent the pollution of the groundwater of the city of Mehriz, which was caused by waste water. Also, during the period of construction of the project, the implementation of a 400 to 63 kV electricity substation was started near the factory, which is now under development with 60% physical progress.


  • Company Address:
    IRAN, Yazd, Mehriz Siman Tejarat Road
  • Company Tel : +98-35-3161
  • e-Mail: info@isatissponge.ir
  • Tehran Office Address:
    Tehran, Resalat Highway, Bani Hashem Street, Nasibi Street, Almas Building
  • Tel : +98-21-75273

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